Is WWE about to introduce the “Broken Universe”?


Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Broken Universe may finally be on the verge of hitting WWE screens, according to a new report from PWInsider.

Following on from recent reports that Matt had acquired the rights to all related trademarks, PWI write that WWE have now licensed content relating to the Hardys’ time in Impact Wrestling, including Broken Universe material. It’s currently unclear what WWE plan on doing with it, but it’s noted that the company have been working on a WWE 24 episode dedicated to the Hardys as well as a DVD release.

Though they signed all Broken Universe trademarks over to Matt last month, Impact still technically owned the rights to their existing footage. Now, WWE are entitled to use that content however they see fit, so don’t be surprised if Final Deletion clips show up on said 24 documentary.

This isn’t the first time WWE have licensed content directly from another company, as they’ve acquired the rights to Ring Of Honor materials related to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and a host of others in the past.

Are we about to see Woken Matt evolve beyond drawn-out laughter and dull midcard losses? Let’s hope so.

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