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As the world focuses on WrestleMania 33 weekend in early April, there is a lot more that will be going on than just in the ring. There is also the induction of the 2017 class to the WWE Hall of Fame of which only one name has been revealed so far, and that is Kurt Angle. Others have been rumored, but the latest speculation has one of the most legendary tag teams getting the nod, and on Monday Night Raw, the Rock ‘N Roll Express could be named as the next inductees.

Wrestling News Source is reporting that the tag team that formed in Memphis back in 1983 is likely going to be announced as the next inductees. Back in the day, when the sport was split into different territories, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were paired together to wrestle in cities where The Fabulous Ones team of Stan Lane and Steve Keirn could not.

The rumor has been floating around, but the official Facebook page for 50Fifty Sports Tavern posted that something big is coming this week. While they wouldn’t say exactly what it was, there is really only one thing to take from their post, and it would be something with the WWE Hall of Fame.

“If you watched wrestling as a kid you have to remember Rock n roll Express. Well Monday night here at 50fifty Ricky Morton will be here to sign autographs. There is a big announcement that will be made that night on Raw. Be here to watch some wrestling and have a beer with one of the Icons of wrestling. 8pm.”

Morton and Gibson have competed across numerous decades, in many promotions, and all around the world. Their most famous time was with Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA, but they spent a lot of time in the AWA and WCW.

The year 1993 was an interesting year for the Rock ‘N Roll Express as they competed at SuperBrawl III for WCW and later went on to wrestle at the Survivor Series for WWE as well. At this point, though, they were never actually signed by WWE and part of the roster.

In 1998, they were in WWE as part of an odd NWA-invasion angle which saw them feud with the Legion of Doom 2000 and The New Midnight Express. The Rock ‘N Roll Express were never big-time roster members of Vince McMahon’s promotion, but they need to be honored.

The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame presentation will take place on the evening of Friday, March 31, at the Amway Center in Orlando. Each year, there is a class of five-to-seven different stars who are inducted, and the Rock ‘N Roll Express would make the second name confirmed for a total of three people with Kurt Angle.

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Other names which have been rumored for this year are Diamond Dallas Page, the Natural Disasters, Christian, William Regal, and Irwin R. Schyster, aka IRS. More names should start being announced soon on weekly episodes of Monday Night Raw as the big weekend continues to get closer.

If the rumors are true and the Rock ‘N Roll Express is announced as the next inductees in the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class, it will be well deserved. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson have been around for decades and accomplished so much in the world of professional wrestling. Monday Night Raw will be very interesting and hardcore fans are going to be waiting anxiously to see if the legendary tag team is heading to the hall on WrestleMania 33 weekend.


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