WWE fans upset with WrestleMania 33 poster


WWE fans have been responding to the revelation of the official WrestleMania 33 poster, with a large percentage of them not enjoying the finished product. The poster has decided to go along with the rollercoaster theme that the company have been promoting over the last few weeks.
Posters for pay per views can be a very sensitive subject for the WWE Universe, with many fans still outraged over the 2017 Royal Rumble poster featuring part-timers in the front with the likes of AJ Styles shoved into the background. Unfortunately, those same people will likely want to look away now if they don’t want to start throwing things at their laptops.

Once again, the poster features a number of part-timers with Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar being the featured talent.

However, the most frustrating point for a lot of fans is that superstars such as Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens have been positioned all the way in the background, with the likes of Baron Corbin and AJ Styles barely being visible.
These posters don’t tend to give too much away in the grand scheme of things, however, it does seem increasingly less likely that Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship will be the main event in Orlando. In all likelihood, Reigns vs Taker or Goldberg vs Lesnar will instead assume that role which is probably going to infuriate fans even more.
In all honesty, this doesn’t mean a whole lot to us, as the only thing we’re choosing to notice is how unbelievably stacked the card is looking this year. There are so many big names that will be on this card that we’re almost being spoiled when it comes to how many top quality matches we’ll be getting.

It is a little bit annoying if you really think about it, but hey – at least people like Triple H aren’t the actual focus of the poster year. So you know, that’s something.

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