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WWE Creative, The Evolution Of Jinder Mahal


Dear WWE Creative,

Jinder Mahal is living proof when it comes to the power of a good push.

It feels like just over night, this jobber turned into a number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Because literally, that is exactly what happened.

He went from losing to Finn Balor on the April 10th edition of Monday Night RAW (something we all expected), to becoming number one contender the follow week (something we all did not expect). And since, he’s been a prominent figure on WWE SmackDown LIVE programming, even making an appearance on a RAW-branded pay-per-view, and currently being built up as a main eventer.

Kudos, WWE Creative, in a matter of weeks, the image of this superstar has changed dramatically and some of that has to do with him, how he’s changed his physical appearance over the past year, but also the way he’s be positioned on television and the time he is getting on SmackDown. Interesting enough though, his gimmick hasn’t changed that much … just magnified really, because he’s given time on the mic and ring.

Being given the opportunity to connect with the fans (negatively in this case, since Mahal is a heel) is a huge deal. Adding the Singh Brothers as accomplices only heightens his heat and the fact that he puts America down is the classic recipe to enhance any heel.

But, is he destine to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Can he rise from a jobber to much more than just number one contender, to a man that is considered the best of the best, the face of the SmackDown brand?

While creatively, I feel, especially in the short time that he’s been given this push, that the answer is ‘no’ – Mahal is not ready to hold that high level of gold. He’s yet to hold any title in the WWE (past or present run) and while I’m in awe of how quickly and far he’s come in a short amount of time; the truth is, it hasn’t been that long for Mahal and it all seems too fast and too soon.

Still, I’m not implying that Jinder Mahal isn’t championship material. At the age of the 30, he’s already accomplished much in his career. For him to receive a push of this sorts, he’s clearly done something different to turn the heads of WWE Officials, where they felt the confidence in him to hand him all this television time and number one contender status. Not every wrestler can be a high-level champion and on that same note, not every superstar is given number contender status or a title-race program.

And I’m officially invested in this program. Thanks a little to Randy Orton, but more to Mahal, who has been carrying this feud on his back as of late, as The Viper has been more preoccupied with the House of Horrors match and ending things neatly with Bray Wyatt.

Regardless, I hope we continue to see big things from Jinder Mahal. It’s no easy feat to wipe away past jobber images and Jinder has taken the proverbial title-race ball and has run with it.

That’s a huge accomplishment for him and a job well done to you, Creative.

Until next week,




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