WWE Comments on the Passing of Yusuke “Wally” Yamaguchi


WWE has issued a statement on the passing of Yusuke “Wally” Yamaguchi, who passed away at the age of 60 this week. Known to WWE fans as Yamaguchi-san, Yusuke was the manager for Kaientai during the Attitude Era. He had been dealing with health issues since a 2017 stroke.

Below is WWE’s announcement on the passing:

Yusuke “Wally” Yamaguchi passes away

WWE is saddened to learn that Wally Yamaguchi, Japanese wrestling fixture and former Kaientai manager, has passed away at the age of 60.

Although primarily known to the WWE Universe as the villainous Yamaguchi-San during the late 1990s, Yamaguchi was a key figure in Japanese sports-entertainment during the 1980s, editing “Gong” Magazine and working with various Japanese promotions as a referee and an agent.

In addition to appearing onscreen as Kaientai’s manager, Yamaguchi also worked with WWE as its Japanese liaison. His brother, Shun Yamaguchi, is a Japanese television announcer for WWE’s pay-per-view broadcasts.

WWE extends its condolences to Yamaguchi’s family, friends and fans.

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