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WWE Battleground 2017: Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal (Punjabi Prison Match for the WWE Title)



Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal: Punjabi Prison Match for the WWE Title

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal to the Punjabi Prison. The Singh Brothers are backstage. Randy Orton is out next to the structure.

Orton tests out the bamboo as we get ready to start. The referee calls for the outer structure to be dropped down now. You must escape both structures to win the match. The bell rings and we get formal ring introductions from Hamilton. There are no pinfalls, no submissions, no count outs and no disqualifications. Each of the 4 doors will be raised when called for by a competitor. After 60 seconds, the door will shut and remain shut. The outer structure has no doors and the only way to win is by escaping both structures.

The match starts and Orton goes right to work on Jinder, taking it to the corner. Jinder turns it around and calls for the first door to be opened. The door is raised but Orton comes over and beats Jinder around. Orton goes to leave the door but Jinder stops him and they tangle on the apron. Jinder goes for the door but Orton stops him. There’s a timer counting down for when the door must be shut. Orton sends Jinder into the bamboo and goes for the door again. Jinder grabs his leg and pulls him back. Jinder goes for the door but can’t make it. The first door is closed and locked for good.

Orton goes right back to work on Jinder but Jinder turns it around and drops him with an armbar. Jinder keeps control and drops several knees on the mat. Jinder bends Orton’s arm around the steel-reinforced bamboo and continues focusing on the shoulder. Jinder takes Orton down in the middle of the ring now. More back and forth now. The second door is raised open. Orton tries to kick Jinder away so he can escape. Jinder drops Orton and goes for the door but is unable to make it. The second door is shut for good and padlocked.

Orton turns it around and works Jinder over. Jinder jumps out of nowhere and starts climbing the structure. Orton climbs up but gets knocked down to the mat. Jinder gets caught up on the top rope and lands hard as well. Orton slams Jinder back into the structure a few times. Jinder blocks the draping DDT and sends Orton flying into the structure. Jinder leaps at Orton and decks him. Jinder pins Orton between the ropes and the bamboo again. Jinder comes back but Orton catches him this time. Orton suplexes Jinder into the structure and does it again. Orton with another shot from the apron. Orton goes over and has the third door raised now, his first.

Jinder stops Orton from leaving through the door. Orton fights back but Jinder yanks the arm down. Jinder tries for the door now but Orton stops him. Orton drops Jinder with a big uppercut. Orton goes for the door but Jinder stops him, yanking him down by the arm again. The third door has been closed for good.

Both Superstars sit up on their knees now. They stare each other down as they get to their feet. Orton side-steps and nails a powerslam. Orton is favoring the shoulder now. Orton with the second rope draping DDT. Orton calls for the final door to be raised but he’s taking his time to leave. Orton drops down, hits the mat and waits for Jinder. Jinder blocks the RKO and nails a knee to the face. They both go down. Jinder goes for the Khallas but Orton nails the RKO. The Singh Brothers run down and pull Jinder out of the door. The final door is closed for good. Orton is still inside the main structure. The Singh Brothers have Jinder on the outside, looking for a way to get him up and over.

Jinder climbs the outer while Orton climbs the inner structure. Orton makes it over, bad arm and all. Orton fights Jinder while the two are on the inner wall of the outer structure now. Orton sends Jinder down to the floor. The Singh Brothers grab Orton’s legs and pull him down from the structure. They stomp away on Orton while he’s down. Fans boo. Jinder gets to his feet now. The Singh Brothers hold Orton and shove him into a big shot from Jinder. Orton goes back down. Jinder climbs the wall again. The Singh Brothers pick Orton up and make him watch Jinder escape. Orton fights them off and drops them on the floor.

Orton looks up and climbs after Jinder now. Orton grabs Jinder’s legs to bring him back down. Jinder hits the floor. Orton tosses Jinder into the bamboo. Orton with another floor suplex to Sunil Singh. Samir Singh goes down again. Jinder ends up grabbing a kendo stick from under the ring and beating Orton around with it. Jinder looks to be going for The Khallas again but Orton fights him off. Orton grabs a kendo stick but Jinder begs him to show mercy. Orton unloads with the kendo stick. One of the Singh Brothers takes kendo stick shots as well. Orton favors the arm again as he starts climbing the structure.

Samir is small enough to get out of the structure. He climbs up the outside and meets Orton on the other side. Orton is almost at the top but Sami stops him from the other side. Orton rocks Sami and knocks him off the top of the structure, down through an announce table. Orton gets a big pop for the table bump. Jinder climbs up and grabs Orton’s leg now. Orton and Jinder fight up on the structure wall now. They go back down to the floor and Orton hits the floor. Jinder slams Orton back into the bamboo. Sunil is also down on the floor. Jinder goes for a boot but Orton moves. Jinder’s leg gets stuck in the structure. Orton takes advantage and hits a DDT on the floor.

Orton looks for another weapon and grabs a steel chair. Sunil goes down with a chair shot. Orton with chair shots to the gut and back of Jinder. Jinder takes another chair shot to the back. Orton keeps on and drops the chair. Orton looks to the top of the structure and starts climbing while Jinder and Sunil are down. Sunil jumps up and tries to pull Orton down. Orton kicks him in the face, knocking him down to the floor. Orton is slow to climb up. Music hits and out comes The Great Khali to a pop.

Orton starts climbing more. Khali shakes the structure until Orton falls and is dangling by one arm. Khali climbs up the outside of the structure and grabs Orton by the throat. Khali chokes Orton as Jinder starts climbing up. Jinder greets Khali and stares as Khali chokes Orton from the other side of the structure. Jinder climbs over the top of the Punjabi Prison structure and stops again to laugh at Orton. Jinder climbs down and touches the floor to win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– After the match, Jinder and Khali embrace as the music hits. Khali raises Jinder’s arm and takes the WWE Title from the referee to hand it to him.

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