WWE 205 Live Results 5/23/17




‘205 Live’ on The WWE Network
Airing live from The Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio

The show kicks off with a video package, that has ‘The Brian Kendrick’ giving the history behind his feud with Akira Tozawa. Highlights are shown from the several chapters/lessons told in this rivalry. Kendrick goes step for step telling the entire story, leading into tonight’s street fight. Kendrick promises to teach Akira the final lesson tonight.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips intro and hype the show from ringside. Graves promises an exclusive in-depth look later on, at The Extreme Rules Cruiserweight Title match between Neville and Austin Aries. As well as an exclusive interview with both men. Both Phillips and Graves then go over the streetfight main event and they hype Cedric Alexander’s return.

Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann


A highlight is shown from last week, where Ariya was powdered after receiving a package that was originally intended for Rich Swann….Daivari is seeking revenge because his expensive shirt was ruined. Next to Jericho spilling coffee on Kane a few years back. This is one of the lamest ways to start a feud or set up a match…. Swann takes to the air early in this one. His highflying style backfires and Daivari takes control of the match for the next few minutes. Daivari then starts to go work on Swann’s left arm. He hits an impressive looking double arm breaker. Ariya then clamps on a cobra clutch, to target Swann’s injured left arm further. Swann tries to escape but Daivari has an answer for him and connects with a leaping neck breaker. He then goes back to the cobra clutch. Swann finally creates some separation with a jaw breaker. He starts to build up some momentum with a flurry of offensive moves. Swann then hits a big thrust kick and then eventually puts away Daivari moments later with the phoenix splash.

Rich Swann defeats Ariya Daivari by pinfall


While Swann is celebrating his victory on the top turnbuckle. Noam Dar blindsides Rich and knocks him off the top. Swann lands face first onto the outside floor. Dar and Alicia Fox start hugging and dancing in-ring reveling in what Noam just did to Rich Swann.



Corey Graves and Tom Phillips cue to an Extreme Rules preview video package for the buildup to the Neville-Aries Cruiserweight Championship match.


After the video airs, Corey Graves goes live via satellite to interview Neville and Aries. Austin is eating a banana during this split screen interview. Neville calls Aries a pretender to his throne. Neville says that he has faced Aries twice and that Austin has failed to take away his title. Aries takes exception to Neville’s comment and notes that he actually beat Neville in their last match at Payback. Aries lists off what happened in their respective matches at WrestleMania and Payback. Aries mentions how Neville took the cheap way out in both matches.


Austin Aries goes on to say that he has always had people who have doubted him and put obstacles in his way. He states that Neville has been hanging on to his title by a thread and that come Extreme Rules, Aries is going to unveil every submission hold he knows against Neville in their submission match. Neville responds to Aries by telling him to walk away now because he won’t be responsible for what he does to him at Extreme Rules.




Cedric Alexander vs. Johnny Boone


Cedric is returning after being out for 3 months…… Alexander knocks Boone down immediately with a stiff elbow strike. Johnny Boone takes a powder and ponders leaving the match. Cedric comes after Boone and brings him back into the ring. Alexander then takes to the sky and hits a springboard clothesline and finishes off Boone quickly with his lumbar check finisher for the victory.

Cedric Alexander defeats Johnny Boone



After Alexander’s return match. A video is shown from Drew Gulak’s attack last week on Mustafa Ali. A taped video message from Drew Gulak airs following this. Gulak is in his suit standing in front of a lake in a park. Gulak does a ‘No Fly Zone’ campaign message and asks for support from the people after ripping on all the showoffs and aerial wrestlers in the cruiserweight division.




205 Live Main Event
Streetfight Match
The Brian Kendrick vs. Akira Tozawa

Kendrick attempts to go under the ring to get a weapon immediately, but Tozawa dives onto him at ringside. He then beats down on Kendrick and throws him onto the announce table. Tozawa gets Kendrick back in the ring and hits a running senton for a 2 count. Akira then hits some heavy strikes on Kendrick and lays him out. Tozawa’s momentum stalls when he chases after Kendrick on the apron but Brian ducks and Tozawa crashes to the outside floor. Moments later, both men brawl into the ring. Tozawa hits a spike rana. When he attempts to charge at Kendrick seconds later, Brian throws his leather jacket into his face. With Tozawa draped over the second rope, Kendrick hits a hangman’s suplex on him to the floor. Kendrick then gets out some purple duct tape. He kicks Akira down and then binds one of Akira’s hands and then tapes Akira’s mouth shut, in an attempt to stop his breathing….. Kendrick clamps on the captain’s hook and appears to be on the verge of victory but Akira breaks free and sends Kendrick to the outside by countering a sliced bread attempt. Akira now starts brawling with Kendrick up the ramp way. Moments later, Kendrick turns the tables in the streetfight by ramming Tozawa into the LED board.




Kendrick is now in control. He tapes up Tozawa to the ringpost and then whips him with a leather belt. When Kendrick goes to bring out a table from under the ring, Tozawa frees himself and ends up whipping Kendrick with the belt, he just used on him. The action heads back to the inside. Kendrick counters Akira and gets him in the captain’s hook submission again. Tozawa in an act of desperation, gets to the ropes and both men end up toppling to the outside. The steel steps now come into play. Kendrick tries to sandwich Akira in between them but he breaks free. Kendrick then attempts to suplex Tozawa off the steps but it gets countered and reversed by Akira. Moments later, after a couple of counters and reversals, Tozawa hits a snap suplex on Kendrick on the outside floor. When Kendrick gets back to his feet, he attempts to catch Tozawa in the captain’s hook again, but ends up getting his head slammed into the steel steps. Tozawa then sets up Kendrick on the table and heads to the top rope. Akira does his chant repeatedly and then leaps off and hits a senton through Kendrick and the table. Moments later, Akira rolls a lifeless Kendrick into the ring, he then covers and pins him for the victory.

Akira Tozawa defeats The Brian Kendrick



Officials check on both men after the match. Akira gets to his feet and does his chant with the crowd. As the show comes to an end with Tom Phillips saying that Tozawa just taught Kendrick the final lesson in this rivalry.

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