WWE 205 Live Results 5/16/17




205 Live On The WWE Network
Live From The SNHU Arena In Manchester, New Hampshire

The show opens with highlights from last night’s Raw match between Neville and TJP against Gallagher and Austin Aries. Which saw TJP pin Jack Gallagher. Also shown from Raw is the post match discussion between Neville and TJP. Where TJP asked Neville, when he would be getting a cruiserweight title opportunity. Neville promised it to TJP, if he finishes the job against Austin Aries.

Dasha is backstage and interviews Austin Aries. He is asked about the current alliance between Neville and Perkins and their mission against him. Austin says that he knows what Neville is up to and how he is lying to TJP. Austin calls TJP, Neville’s lap dog. Aries brings up his current knee injury and says it won’t stop him from beating TJP tonight because he will never be on The A double level.


Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are at ringside. They intro and hype this week’s show.



Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox vs. Gran Metalik

Nice to see Metalik back on this show….. He rocks Dar early on with some aerial offense and Noam takes a powder to the outside and seeks Alicia for comfort. Metalik goes after Dar and he puts Fox in front of himself. Using the distraction, Dar briefly takes control until Metalik heads back to the air. He launches Dar to the outside with a springboard arm drag. He then leaps onto Dar with a springboard moonsault.


Alicia distracts Metalik and it enables Dar to hit him with a baseball slide directly into his knee. Dar then grounds Metalik and goes to work on his left arm. Dar stays in control for the next couple of minutes. Dar attempts a suplex but Metalik counters into one of his own. Metalik starts to rally and hits a beautiful springboard back elbow.


Metalik continues to build on his momentum, when he hits a running bull dog for a near fall. Metalik tries to hit his finisher, The Metalik Driver but Dar counters and takes out Gran’s leg. Noam hyperextends Metalik’s arm over the ropes and goes back to work on it. Metalik battles out with a martial arts kick and heads to the top rope. He connects with an elbow drop but Dar kicks out at 2. After a couple of pin attempts by Metalik, He tries to spring off the ropes but Noam rises to his feet and sweeps out Metalik’s leg. With Gran down, Dar sets up and hits his running Supernova kick to get the victory.


Noam Dar defeats Gran Metalik by pinfall


After a video package airs of last week’s attack by The Brian Kendrick on Akira Tozawa. It’s announced by Graves and Phillips, that Tozawa and Kendrick will battle each other next week in a streetfight.


Dasha interviews The Brian Kendrick backstage. He discusses his streetfight next week with Akira Tozawa. Kendrick thinks that the match stipulation favors him because of his knowledge. Kendrick then talks about his frustration with how Tozawa has not followed his lessons and has instead embraced the WWE universe. Kendrick then mocks Tozawa’s signature “AH AH” chant. Kendrick then closes the promo by saying that Akira better have picked up some of the lessons, he taught him.


A vignette airs hyping Cedric Alexander’s return to 205 Live.


Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese


During Ali’s entrance, he is attacked from behind by Drew Gulak. Drew yells at Ali that he knows better and then throws him head first into the ringpost. Gulak tells Ali that his risks don’t pay off and that he is going to make an example of him. Gulak then offers up Ali to Nese in the ring and Tony lays him out with a running knee.


Mustafa Ali and Tony Nese is declared a no contest


Drew Gulak comes into the ring with his “No Fly Zone” sign and taunts a fallen Mustafa Ali.

Dasha bumps into Rich Swann backstage and asks him about Noam Dar’s plans for him. Swann says that he is not worried. During the interview, Swann is approached by a delivery man with a package. Swann says that it’s not for him but for Ariya Daivari, who he points to down the hallway. Ariya gets the package and says that he was expecting his 25 hundred dollar sunglasses. Ariya walks away from the package. Jack Gallagher shows up and tries to take the box, Ariya returns and tells him to get his hands off his package. When Daivari opens it up, Powder explodes on him. Daivari starts cursing about how his 15 hundred dollar shirt has just been ruined.





Austin Aries vs. TJP

The story is that WWE doctors cleared Aries for this match, despite his knee injury. TJP tries to play mind games early on with Austin. He attempts a springboard swanton but Aries lifts up his knees. Aries takes the fight to Perkins and then clamps on the Last Chancery but TJP retreats to the outside. Both men go to battle outside the ring. Aries sends TJP into the barricade. Action back in the ring and Aries stays in control. TJP retaliates by draping Aries over the ropes and then leaping into his injured knee. Perkins then goes to work on Austin’s injured knee. TJP continues to focus his attack on the injured knee and hangs Aries upside down over the ropes in a leg lock.




TJP then hits a dragon screw leg whip on Aries. With Austin grounded, TJP lands several stiff shots on him and then applies a standing ankle lock. Aries gets to his feet and gives TJP a thunderous head clap. Aries hits a trio of moves with a gut buster, sto and a pendelum elbow. Aries then connects with a leaping elbow to the back of TJP’s neck. Aries covers Perkins for a near fall. Moments later, Aries is on the ring apron and attempts a neckbreaker in between the second rope but perkins kicks out his knee. Perkins then hits a springboard wrecking ball drop kick on Aries. TJP tries to finish Austin off with the detonation kick but Aries escapes and knocks Perkins to the outside. Austin then hits a suicide dive on TJP.

Both men struggle to get back in the ring. They battle to the top rope. Aries knocks down TJP with a head clap. With Perkins on the mat, Aries attempts a flying drop kick but misses. TJP then slaps on the knee bar and tries to use the ropes for leverage. The ref catches him and he has to break the hold. TJP attempts another detonation kick but Aries counters into the Last Chancery and Perkins almost immediately taps out.

Austin Aries defeats TJP by submission


Neville heads into the ring seconds after Aries victory and attacks him. Neville rams Aries leg into the ringpost and then slaps on a submission in the ring. Jack Gallagher runs down to the ring with “William” and saves Aries. He hits Neville with his umbrella and headbutts him out of the ring. The show ends with Gallagher tending to Aries while Neville and TJP are on the outside.


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