WrestleMania 33 close to selling out


WrestleMania 33 in Orlando is close to selling out its full allocation of tickets. The event will take place at the Citrus Bowl aka Camping World Stadium, the same venue where the successful WrestleMania 24 was held back in 2008.


One of the ongoing jokes among some fans year in and year out is that WrestleMania never actually sells out, despite WWE claiming it does so more often than not. Last year, in particular, saw the company claim that the attendance was in excess of 101,000 people, despite the actual figure being somewhere closer to 97,000 – which is still pretty impressive.

At press time there were apparently only 250 tickets left on the primary market before the show would be declared a sellout, meaning it’s pretty much a guarantee at this point. That would supposedly make it around 55,000 people according to WON, despite the fact that the last time the stadium hosted WrestleMania there was closer to 75,000 people in attendance.

On the secondary market, the price of entry for WrestleMania is set to be $120 on average.


Within the next week or so we’re likely to see the primary tickets sell out for WrestleMania, and given how strong the card is looking this year it seems like a given that they’ll surpass the attendance from back at WrestleMania 24. Whether or not Raw, NXT, SmackDown Live and Hall of Fame will sell out over the course of the rest of the weekend remains to be seen.

The way in which they’ve presented the statistics are a tad confusing, but we realise now that the 55,000 figure is designated to primary tickets meanwhile the rest of the crowd will be made up of secondary ticket holders.

Either way, this only serves to increase our excitement for WrestleMania 33, as the big time shows always feel that little bit more special when you look out to the audience and there’s just a sea of people. Buckle up, because it’s almost here.

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