Wrestlemania 17 Wrestler Admits He Performed While On Methadone


During a recently “shoot” interview with “The Hannibal TV”, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese admitted that he wrestled in the Gimmick Battle Royal at Wrestlemania X-7 while on methadone:

I was severely addicted to drugs. A lot of drugs, painkillers, a lot of cocaine. I was doing drugs to the point where I had to go to a methadone clinic. The reason I bring it up is WrestleMania X-7, I call Bruce Prichard. Of course he acted like they had been looking for me, ‘Where have you been?’ They brought me up for that and if you look I was really skinny, white and gaunt. You could tell I wasn’t in good shape. One of the guys at the methadone clinic was a wrestling fan and he gave three days of methadone to take with me or otherwise I couldn’t make it. That’s how bad I was. I was strung out, but I did the gimmick battle royal. Thank God I didn’t have to do any spots.

I was in bad shape during that gimmick battle royal. On methadone and whatever else.” I was glad I did since it was a decent pay day, though, and it was WrestleMania so I still remember it. “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan were awesome. They were so nice and really cool to me.

Check out the full interview below:

Credit: The Hannibal TV.

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