Wrestle Mania 33 Surprises…..


WWE are looking for ways to get their ratings up and they need it in the coming months for the Road to WrestleMania 33. The latest rumors implied that a major heel turn could be in the works early next year.

John Cena is set to return from his two-month long absence on December 27th episode of SmackDown Live in Chicago. He is expected to set up his next feud, possibly against The Undertaker, which could lead to a heel turn.

The 15-time WWE champion went missing on television in October as he started filming his reality TV show. He also hosted “Saturday Night Live” on December 10 that could open a lot of projects from Hollywood.

Nevertheless, the WWE has missed his presence and he will return on the final episode of SmackDown Live for 2016. It was announced last week but there is no guarantee what he will do on his comeback since A.J. Styles is going to be busy.

According to Sportskeeda, one of the possible feuds for Cena is a much-anticipated showdown against The Undertaker. The report pointed out that the 39-year-old superstar has to turn heel for his rivalry with The Headman since the legend does not need to become bad.

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