Will Brock Lesnar Use His WWE Theme at UFC 200?, Tajiri Talks a Possible WWE Main Roster Return, Nikki Bella Training with Daniel Bryan


Tajiri Talks a Possible WWE Main Roster Return

Former WWE star Tajiri, who will be competing in the Cruiserweight Classic, recently did a Reddit AMA and below is what he had to say about a possible WWE main roster return:

“At some point I would like to return as an old man, and do a very slow slide into the ring, and a handspring elbow. I was able to do everything except heavyweight and intercontinental titles, so there’s not much left for me to do. Many who were fired seem to want to come back, but I don’t feel that way. I think I’ve done everything I can as a Japanese guy this size.”

Will Brock Lesnar Use His WWE Theme at UFC 200?

According to FloCombat’s Jeremy Botter, word is Brock Lesnar will be allowed to use his WWE theme for his UFC 200 fight walk-out.

Nikki Bella Training with Daniel Bryan

Nikki Bella noted on social media that she is currently training with her brother-in-law Daniel Bryan for her return to the ring. She posted the following on Instagram:

“Yesterday I got to train with my brother in law @bryanldanielson He’s such a wrestling genius! He taught me a lot technically yesterday and even helped me with my new finisher. Can’t wait to get cleared and train even more with him. Can’t get aggressive yet with my training but goodness I’m yearning to get back in that ring! July can’t come quick enough! It’s going to be a tough road, but I love challenges! I don’t want easy. I want to overcome what no one thinks I can. You can’t take passion away from someone. If anything you just give them more fire to prove you wrong!,” Bella said.

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