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What does Rams’ Cooper Kupp’s ‘revenge tour’ look like?


NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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There’s a few different options that come to mind as far as what Kupp’s “revenge tour” may look like. Let’s talk about them.

The Los Angeles Rams are going into this draft with a solid wide receiver room, but they absolutely could add to it through the NFL Draft and before the start of the upcoming season. Rams’ receiver Puka Nacua is of the opinion that Cooper Kupp will be ready to roll, so perhaps LA can hold off on drafting another receiver for now. Nacua reportedly and recently said that Kupp has been healthy and is on a “revenge tour.” I can’t help but wonder what does that look like?

A few different scenarios come to mind, and they aren’t all neccessarily tours of revenge, but potential paths that could unfold for Kupp and the Rams this season. Feel free to let us know what you think of these scenario’s in the comments, or let me know if I am missing any that come to your mind!

Scenario #1 Ideal Revenge Tour: Kupp comes back healthy, so he and Matthew Stafford can once again take the league by storm. Nacua, Kyren Williams and the rest are featured and functional in the offense, but it’s Kupp’s show as he goes back to being a top receiver and weapon in the league. This would be ideal for the receiver because he would be proving every doubter wrong, and it would reestablish that this is still Kupp’s offense.

Scenario #2 Preferred Revenge Tour Kupp is the 1A/1B: Probably preferred by both the Rams and Kupp, Cooper comes back healthy and plays the entire season. He puts up numbers however the offense features Kupp some weeks, Nacua others as well as Williams and whoever else the team has on offense. Kupp reestablishes that he is a top reciever in the game, but he is no longer in the top 5 receiver conversation as Nacua continues to become the Rams’ best weapon.

Scenario #3 Perfect Revenge Tour: Kupp and Nacua both feast and are two of the top receivers in the game at the same time. Kupp and the Rams go on the “Revenge Tour” together. The team and players are happy and the expectation is Kupp can keep playing at that level another season or more. The Rams continue to have a dominant offense with some of the best talent in the league.

Scenario #4 Failed Revenge Tour: Kupp is injured before or during the season. All the same issues about his health and his longevity in the NFL resurface. Or, Kupp starts the season healthy and plays, but is clearly not the player he once was. This scenario would not be ideal and it would continue to add weight to the possibilty that LA may need to move on from Kupp after this season.

Scenario #5 Kupp balls out and is traded: The Rams have a season filled with the injury bug. Nacua, Williams, Stafford, the offensive line and more are missing time and are in and out of the lineup. Despite the Rams’ season being a disaster Kupp absoultely dominates and LA gets an offer to move him at the trade deadline, so they do. Even if LA is just mediocre and it looks like they won’t make the postseason, they could choose to move on and get any value for Kupp that they can. I don’t see this scenario happening, but it did cross my mind.

What am I missing? Which scenario do you think will happen? Do you have a preference? Please let us know in the comments below!

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