What Age Rating is Fortnite? – Different Ages in Different Regions


Fortnite is one of the most popular games across age groups, but not everyone can play. Even if the game is a big thing with younger audiences, the Fortnite age rating might mean that some people can’t access the game! Or at least they shouldn’t if parents are closely following the rating agency recommendations. Despite quite a bit of the Fortnite player count being young, the answer to what age rating is Fortnite might not be what you expect.

The Fortnite age rating is the official grade given to it by the certification boards in various locations. It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but most people look at this to decide whether Fortnite is for kids, or what age they can start playing. These are the Fortnite age ratings we’ve had and how suitable the game is.

Fortnite kids

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Fortnite Age Rating

The Fortnite age rating actually varies depending on where you are. Different regions have different boards that have different standards for each age group. If you’re wondering what age rating is Fortnite, it will depend on where you live. These are some of the Fortnite age ratings we’ve seen.

  • PEGI Rating – 12 (EU)
  • ESRB Fortnite Age Rating – 12 (US)
  • ACB – M 15 and Over (Australia)

These Fortnite ratings are roughly in line with what we see around the world for the game. There are a few regions like Australia that have harsher ratings though. Usually, these are the regions where video games as a whole are graded more harshly in terms of age ratings.

Is Fortnite For Kids?

The Fortnite age rating is one thing, but it can be hard to tell if Fortnite is for kids without looking at specific content. There are a few areas of gameplay that might make it unsuitable for younger children.

The first is violence. Eliminations, or killing a player, is one of the main objectives of the game. If you’re tracking Fortnite stats, it’s the elims that a lot of players focus on. These might not be called kills and the bodies may vanish like holograms, but there is a degree of violence involved. This is especially true since the elims are achieved with weapons such as guns, hammers and knives.

Beyond that, Fortnite contains some monetization methods which could cause problems for young players. At the very least, children should be supervised around the item shop in Fortnite. Although, it’s far from the only game suitable for children with an item shop.

The answer to “is Fortnite for kids?” is ultimately up to what parents decide is appropriate. While there is a degree of violence and some monetization, it isn’t as extreme as other games like CoD or anything. The Fortnite age rating generally reflects this too, with most generally agreeing the game is suitable for younger teenagers and older.

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