We missed out on a great Mustafa Ali character


I’m not sure anyone in pro wrestling is as passionate about the business as Mustafa Ali, who has fought for years to overcome stereotypes and often horrendous booking to climb as high up the ladder at WWE as he can go. He’s a great wrestler too, but he’s more than that.

He’s an idea man.

We know this because he recently shared a story for a character idea he had that instantly made me upset that we never got to see it come to life:

I’m not sure how this would play out on a week-by-week basis, but you can see the potential in the character right away. He’d be a fantastic shit eating heel the fans would love to hate (but still love because it would just work so well).

There’s also clear room for a character like that to grow into something more. The eventual turn would have been money.

Maybe someday.

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