WCPW Troubles With YouTube Continue, Recent Show Deleted From Site


As noted previously, this year on YouTube there have been some controversial videos regarding social relations that has caused large advertisers to back away from the site. This has also forced YouTube to be much more strict on their viewing restrictions.

Based on the type of product pro wrestling presents, especially within the independent circuit, many organizations (including the WWE) will now suffer the fate of being a part of the roll-out of changes Google is doing to ensure content presented on YouTube remains, for the most part, family-friendly. The “Restricted Mode” which acts similar to “Parental Control” now affects wrestling channels, and specifically, their revenue. In May, WCPW was forced to cancel a number of their upcoming Loaded shows due to these changes.

Their most recent show was entitled Fight Back and used a logo similar to YouTube’s logo. Earlier today, WCPW tweeted out that they received a “Strike” on their account for “Violation of YouTube’s policy on spam and deceptive practices.”


WCPW then tweeted out “Your ability to live stream has been revoked,” which apparently is a message they received from YouTube, as well.


Video of the Fight Back event was also removed from the site for “Violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.” In the video above – which was recorded before the Fight Back show – WCPW spoke about the promotion and asked YouTube to include pro wrestling once again, “Hate speech tears people apart. Wrestling brings people together.”

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