WATCH: Golfer barely shifts the ball in video literally every amateur can relate to


The ultimate disappointment is always with the actions you have taken yourself that didn’t quite work out.

A shot that barely shifts a ball has to be one of the worst feelings.

The wasted motion of a swing punctuated by the thunk of a club hitting the ground well before the ball.

Some golfers might turn to the libations at this point.

However, this chap just has to deal with his situation.

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How to make better contact

With a mid-iron, position an alignment stick between your feet and the clubhead, with the stick pointing towards the target. Make divots as far in front of the alignment stick as possible, starting gently and taking care not to contact it.

Place a ball eight to ten inches in front of the alignment stick, aiming to make contact without striking it. What the golf ball does is unimportant. Understanding and internalizing the various body actions is what permits the golf club to make contact with the ball.

Address the golf ball as if you were using a regular golf swing. Take practice swings with the divot as far forward of the golf ball as feasible.

Strike the golf ball with the same swing sensation as in prior practice swings. A word of caution: The alignment stick frequently ends up 30-to-40 yards down the range. That’s okay. It’s crucial to remember to start slowly and gradually make more solid contact with the golf ball.

When you begin your backswing with your nose above the ball, you should maintain this posture until you reach the peak of your swing. Turn to the top of your swing without shifting, sliding, or swaying. Good players generate power by pivoting or twisting their right hip inside the right foot. Turning your right hip back over the right heel and without moving outside of it will result in significant torque and power. You should feel pressure on the inside of your right foot.

Resisting the urge to move your head to the right can assist your body rotate and turn throughout the backswing.

Because of your centered head position and nose staying over the ball, this pivoting ensures that the bottom of your swing arc is in the proper location.

WATCH: Golfer barely shifts the ball in video literally every amateur can relate to Golf365.

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