Watch: Daniil Medvedev’s stunning rant in Indian Wells: A freaking disgrace, awful


Daniil Medvedev just had one of the most stunning rants in recent tennis history as he believes the hard court surface in Indian Wells is “a freaking disgrace to the sport.”

During the first set of his Indian Wells round-of-16 match against Alexander Zverev, Medvedev absolutely went off on the court conditions in the desert as he ranted that “it is a freaking disgrace to consider this awful court a hard court.”

“It’s a disgrace to the sport, this court. Should be banned from playing here. A freaking disgrace to the sport, this freaking court. And they call it a hard court. What a shame to call this awful court a hard court. I’ll go to the toilet but I don’t care if you give me a time violation. I’m going to be as slow as this court again. I don’t care. Give me five time violations. If they allow us to play on such a court I can allow myself to do whatever I want,” Medvedev ranted.

Medvedev had a similar rant in his previous match

During his Indian Wells third-round match against Ilya Ivashka, Medvedev also ranted about the court conditions in Indian Wells.

But still, Medvedev was able to put his frustrations with the court aside and beat Ilya Ivashka in three sets.

After the match, Medvedev provided more details on why he was so annoyed with the courts in Indian Wells.

“Not easy to play here, for everyone. I feel like there are, let’s say, 10 players that have the quality, I will not say which one, but to play good here because they have something in their game that can help them. Other than that, everyone is struggling. You can see a lot of matches [are] 6-1 in one of the sets, and you look at it on TV and you’re like, the other one is not playing bad, just few moments,” Medvedev said after beating Ivashka.

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