Waiting for the green light from PSG, he is calmed down for his transfer window


He is taking his troubles patiently while waiting for PSG to give him good news or not concerning an extension of his current contract until the end of the season. As for a potential departure, Ramos would know what he doesn’t want. Explanations.

Sergio Ramos could he be pushed to the exit at the PSG ? Although he has been considerably in sight since the start of the season and has had a string of starts, the 36-year-old defender has still not extended his current contract until next June at the Paris Saint Germain. And it is not for lack of negotiating with the management committee of the PSG as revealed to you on February 18th.

Ramos in the dark, PSG did not give him his word

However, and according to the BBCit seems that the PSG would harbor some doubts as to the merits of a contract extension for Sergio Ramos which will celebrate its 37th anniversary on March 30. And now ? Sergio Ramos would already have clear ideas for the rest of his career. Admittedly, the PSG could let him slip away on the pretext of having already got his hands on his replacement, who is Milano Skriniar according to the journalist Guillem Balague and because of his age. However, Ramos wouldn’t get tired of it.

Ramos says no to Saudi Arabia, preferring MLS, but…

Always according to the information of the BBC, Sergio Ramos would not dream of leaving for Saudi Arabia where cristiano Ronaldo would seem to be waiting for him with open arms in his quest for the development of the Saudi championship. Indeed, the Spaniard would be keen to continue to perform in Europe and could be convinced by a return to his roots in heart rate Seville before heading to the United States and Major League Soccer. However, according to the BBConly the Saudi championship could allow Ramos to collect its income from PSG. The tone is set.

Waiting for the green light from PSG, he is calmed down for his transfer window 24hfootnews.

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