Vine Star “Tyrone” Looking To Join The WWE


“Tyrone” became a celebrity on Vine for attempting to sleep with other men’s wives. It now appears that he wants to bring that energy to the squared circle. TMZ recently caught up with him and here’s what he had to say about wanting to join the WWE:

I’m like the next Mr. T,” Tyrone told TMZ Sports. “The next Terry Crews. The next Deebo. All in one, man! That’s how good I am, except, I’m more dangerous, because I f*ck wives!” He revealed that part of his reason for wanting to join WWE is because he’s displeased with the current wrestlers. I can’t stand it no more. They cheerin’ for these soft — f*ck all that, man! The real champion is here!

In the event that you aren’t familiar with Tyrone, here’s a compilation of some of his best Vines:

You can check out the full interview with TMZ Sports by clicking HERE

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