Video: The Undertaker and Brad Maddox on Jimmy Fallon’s Show


The Undertaker and Brad Maddox appeared on “The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday night. It was a short segemnt but it was a way for WWE to promote the Survivor Series pay-per-view and to get some exposure. Fallon did a “suggestion box” segment with audience member suggestions.

One person suggested that they have The Undertaker come out to tombstone a guy in a turkey outfit. Undertaker’s song played and then he appeared on the stage. Then the camera cut over to Brad Maddox in a turkey costume. Maddox then walked around Taker doing a turkey dance. Taker was not amused so he picked him up and tombstoned him.

Fallon plugged the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker at Survivor Series. You can watch the segment below.

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