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Vettel urges motorsport to become more sustainable


Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has implored motorsports bosses to do more to ensure that racing becomes sustainable in future, to ensure its own long-term survival.

Vettel has just retired from Grand Prix competition after a career in Formula 1 spanning 17 years. Last weekend he was one of the drivers taking part in the Race of Champions in Sweden.

In his final years in F1, Vettel championed environmental issues and readily admitted that he was a ‘hypocrite’ for continuing to fly around the world to drive, when he was attacked on the point by a Canadian politician last July.

While it’s not clear what Vettel will do now that he’s no longer competing in F1, his passion for tackling the sport’s environmental impact and legacy is burning brighter than ever.

“I love motorsport and I’m very mindful when it comes to the future,” Vettel told the media at last weekend’s event, which was run on snow and ice.

The vehicles used during the various rounds featured a variety of equipment from regular combustion engines, to electric-powered vehicles and those using fossil-free biofuels.

“This event is a great event, a fun event, and we’re all having the best time,” he said. “But it’s great to see that Frederik and the whole team is thinking about how to have fun in a more responsible way.”

He praised Frederik Johnsson, President of Race of Champions for the organisation of the ROC weekend. “[They’re] thinking of different cars, but also everything that comes with setting up such a big event.”

But he stressed that motorsport needed to do more in the field if it was to survive. “It would be a shame if one day it has to be banned, for obvious reasons.

“You have young drivers – I have kids as well – and I think it’s been a real privilege to have gone through motorsport the way I have,” he said. “We want to continue to practice our sport.

Sebastian Vettel at the Race of Champions.

© Race of Champions

“f we want to continue to practice our sport and live our passion in racing, then I think we have to think of alternatives,” he insisted. “I think that’s important and inevitable for the future.

“Otherwise, we may continue the way we used to for another couple of years,” he said. “Or we’re really facing a big problem. So it’s great to see that people are thinking about it.

“Obviously it depends on the type of racing but there is movement,” he argued. “[But] people are thinking about it, and thinking of a better or more sustainable future.”

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Vettel urges motorsport to become more sustainable

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