Updates on Dolph Ziggler, Naomi Talks Problems with Mandy Rose (Video), WWE Stock


– Below is new backstage video of Kayla Braxton talking to Naomi backstage at tonight’s WWE SmackDown as she prepares to face Mandy Rose. Kayla asked Naomi how she will keep her emotions in check after recent incidents between the two.

“Oh, I don’t plan on keeping my emotions in check at all,” Naomi revealed. “I’m always in check, I’m always respectful of everyone, I’m always positive and my issue with her is not that we don’t like each other, or we don’t see eye to eye. We have different viewpoints about things and that’s OK. My issue with her is that she has no morals or values. Because you don’t like me, you’re going to try to cause tension in my marriage? Who does that? You have to be really twisted and messed up to try and do that to somebody. My job isn’t to teach her morals or values, that’s her momma’s job and her momma didn’t raise her right. My job tonight is to show her why she needs to keep her mouth shut, and not to mess with me ever again. And to stay the hell away from my husband.”

– WWE stock was down 4.00% today, closing at $80.09 per share. Today’s high was $82.59 and the low was $78.88.

– Dolph Ziggler was not backstage for last night’s WWE RAW, but he was only scheduled for the weekend live events, according to PWInsider. It will be interesting to see if Ziggler works the 30-man Royal Rumble Match on Sunday as he lives in Phoenix. As we’ve noted, Ziggler is rumored to be on his way out of the company but that has not been confirmed. He reportedly turned down a producer’s role and one source believed he could be done with the company as early as January 31, according to PWInsider.

On a related note, Ziggler continues to focus on his stand-up comedy career. He tweeted the following on the new tour and noted that more dates will be added:

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