Updated Production News and Notes from the WWE Evolution PPV


The same production crew that works the WWE NXT brand also worked the recent WWE Evolution pay-per-view, according to PWInsider. Most of the production workers who do RAW and SmackDown pay-per-view events were not in attendance for Evolution as they were in Charlotte, North Carolina for Monday’s RAW when Evolution hit the air.

WWE’s Kevin Dunn was not in attendance for Evolution and did not direct Evolution. Evolution was directed by the same person who oversees the NXT Takeover events and the production truck was ran by the same crew that handles Takeovers.

On a related note, WWE went with a different lighting in the arena for Evolution as a way to give the show a different feel from the “glitzier” WWE productions that we usually see for the main roster.

As noted, Vince McMahon was backstage for Evolution and worked the Gorilla Position. There had been speculation on Triple H running Evolution due to the unique feel of the show but Vince was still in charge and was said to be very hands-on as usual. Vince was giving notes and making changes all night, alongside Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, “Road Dogg” BG James, WWE Hall of Famer Michael “PS” Hayes and other producers. Vince reportedly arrived just before Evolution was to begin and spent most of the night in Gorilla.

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