Update On What Key Players Were Told About Roman Reigns Prior To Raw


According to Dave Meltzer and “The Wrestling Observer” newsletter, it is likely that Roman Reigns only learned of his leukemia returning very recently.

Meltzer believes that Vince McMahon only found out on the prior Thursday. Other key members of the WWE found out the next day on a need to know basis – only those who needed to plan how to move forward without Reigns were given information.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were told an hour before the broadcast that Roman Reigns would be relinquishing the title. They weren’t given any additional details, only that they should be prepared to greet him on stage after his announcement.

Michael Cole was also advised prior to the broadcast that Reigns would be giving up the title, but he too wasn’t provided further information. It is unclear whether or not Renee Young or Corey Graves were brought into the fold at all.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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