Update on the Status of WWE Backlash, WWE’s Return to Saudi Arabia


The WWE Backlash pay-per-view will be happening in late June, instead of being canceled altogether.

There were reports of Backlash being canceled after originally being scheduled for June 16 in San Diego, due to the next Saudi Arabia event being scheduled for Friday, June 7. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Backlash is now scheduled for June 23 from Tacoma, Washington.

The date originally scheduled for Backlash, June 16 in San Diego, will now be a regular non-televised live event for the RAW brand. Tickets go on sale April 26.

The next event from Saudi Arabia has not been confirmed for June 7, but the company is moving forward with the idea that it will happen on that date because they have started making moves towards producing the event.

WWE still has domestic live events scheduled for the weekend that the Saudi show is to take place – Sunday, June 9 in Stockton, CA and Sunday, June 9 in Fresno, CA. The show planned for that weekend in Denver, CO was moved to Saturday, June 15 and the show planned for Salt Lake City, UT was moved to Sunday, June 16.

The change to Backlash was made because WWE did not want to run pay-per-view events two weekends in a row.

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