Update On The Revival: WWE Contracts Rumored To Expire In 2020


According to the Wrestling Observer, the latest update on the Revival’s WWE contracts is that they are set to expire in April of 2020. This comes six days after Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder requested a release from Vince and company after their matchup with the Lucha House Party on Monday Night Raw. Reports also state that Wilder’s official trademarking of #FTR on January 1st, which stands for “Forever the Revival,” indicate that the tag team have been considering leaving the WWE for quite some time. If they are refused their release, they will have to wait out their contract until it expires next year.

In the meantime, the Revival have been rumored to receive a push in the tag division, and have been performing exceptionally on recent house shows, where they’ve been praised on Twitter by current #1 contender for the Raw women’s championship, Sasha Banks.

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