Update on Rusev Suffering an Injury at This Week’s WWE Main Event TV Tapings


rusev– As noted, Rusev suffered what is believed to be a torn biceps at Tuesday’s WWE Main Event tapings in Phoenix, during a match with Neville.

That match aired tonight and Neville actually started working on Rusev’s arm early on and he was selling an arm injury. Neville hit a springboard dropkick that sent Rusev to the floor and he sold the injury some more. They took a commercial at that point and came back to Rusev holding his arm. The referee checked on him and trainers came in the ring to assist before the bell was rang. Neville was then announced the winner by medical stoppage.

After the match, Rusev went to ringside to yell at the timekeeper and throw his bell down. Rusev demanded to know what was going on before yelling at Eden as well. Rusev threw a fit at ringside and chased the timekeeper away. The show ended with more destruction at ringside with the announce table and steel steps.

Multiple sources have reported the injury is legitimate. It was speculated that the post-match tantrum may have been done to kill some time that they lost when the match was stopped. WWE still has not confirmed the injury but we will keep you updated on any more information that becomes available.

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