UPDATE: Jim Ross On Involvement With New Promotion: “Are You Crazy? Are You Nuts?”


On the latest episode of his acclaimed podcast The Ross Report, JR addressed the rumors circulating about his involvement with Tony Khan, co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, about possibly investing in a new wrestling promotion after a series of trademarks were filed under “All Elite Wrestling.” JR’s response?

The trademark thing with the Khan Family obviously got everyone’s sensor stirred up again. Two things you have to have to start a wrestling company: Television…Talent. In that order. If they don’t get TV, there is no company. I’ve been rumored to be in every role of this company, and I swear to God it’s eye-rolling. At one point it’s Jericho and me, which I thought was really stupid. Me and Jericho are going to spend all of the money we’ve made over the years to get into the wrestling business? Are you crazy? Are you nuts?

Then it’s we’re not involved at all and it’s these other guys who are the movers and shakers. There ain’t nothing to move here, folks. There ain’t nothing to shake.

Ross continues.

I think activity, whether good, bad or indifferent, will escalate in the new year. TV networks are already in the decision-making mode because I know those talks have been ongoing. But I’m not in that loop. I’m not pitching to anybody. I don’t have a job. I don’t work for them, at this point in time.

If it happens I can’t imagine the Khan Family is going to want to have a show that looks like a lesser quality-looking show than WWE.

Check out the full episode of The Ross Report here. 

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