The Undertaker is a possible surprise for next week’s Monday Night Raw


WWE has also announced that Roman Reigns will face Braun Strowman in a rematch from Fastlane on next week’s episode of Raw.

Although Reigns defeated Strowman at Fastlane, the feud had continued. The Undertaker got involved last week when he answered Strowman’s call-out to Reigns.


The Undertaker has only been advertised for the March 27th episode of Raw; which is the go-home show for WrestleMania 33.

Before the Fastlane 2017 pay-per-view took place, many fans expected The Undertaker to show up and distract Reigns during his match so that Strowman could pick up the win. This did not occur and The Undertaker would not appear until the next night on Raw.

If this rumour is true, then The Undertaker will likely involve himself in the rematch between Strowman and Reigns and do what many fans expected him to do at Fastlane two weeks ago.

Tune into Monday Night Raw next week to see if this rumour pans out. If it does, then it could mean a potential victory for Strowman over Reigns.

If Meltzer’s speculations are to be believed, then the WWE has an opportunity to right the wrong that occurred at Fastlane.

While many fans were impressed by the match that Reigns and Strowman had, just as many fans were upset that Strowman took his first loss via pinfall to Reigns at a show just weeks before WrestleMania 33.

The Undertaker showing up and costing Reigns the match won’t erase the loss that Strowman suffered, but at least it will leave both men tied in their feud.

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