Undertaker and Kane Look Back On Their Legendary Feud, Call It A “Perfect Storm” Of Storytelling


WWE legends Kane and the Undertaker, also known as the Brothers of Destruction, were recent guests on the NotSam Wrestling podcast to talk about their legacies following Undertaker’s retirement at Survivor Series. Highlights are below.

On finally forming the Brothers of Destruction team:

KANE: Well, from my perspective, of course I was thrilled because it was the opportunity that I had been waiting for. I don’t think that any of us realize the longevity of a rivalry and all the things that would happen and how long all of this go on. Of course, there was some trepidation on my part. Could I pull this off? Because I had a couple of failed attempts before. So, for me, it was really that this was the make or break deal, and I had to make this go. And of course, it was the last opportunity that I was ever going to get.

Undertaker on Kane’s early characters, including Fake Diesel and Isaac Yankem:

UNDERTAKER: Yeah, it was set up perfectly, and I totally get where Glenn [Kane] is coming from there. I mean, he wasn’t exactly– it’s one of those bittersweet deals. It’s like, ‘Hey, you got the job with the WWE but this is your gimmick.’ In defense, and to your credit, you did kind of get shackled right out of the get go with a couple of gimmicks that were, how shall we say, they were stumped.

On finding out about the creation of the Kane character:

UNDERTAKER: In my head, I’m thinking, ‘Man, this is going to be great.’ One, we match up almost identically; we resemble each other. Even going back to my early debut when [my initial name] was Kane The Undertaker. In my head, there were so many layers. Even as excited as I was, I had no clue that we were going to stretch this thing out 20 years of back and forth on this whole Brothers of Destruction character. Kane’s character and my character are so important to each other.

Kane believes his introduction to the WWE universe leading to his debut was perfect:

KANE: On my part, there wasn’t because I knew that was the plan to plant those seeds and then go away from it. It was executed to perfection. When I made my debut, that was the first time that people saw Kane, but my debut was actually months earlier when you first started talking about Kane and Paul Bearer telling a story. Of course, Undertaker, you quite don’t know what’s going on, but you know that there’s something going on. It was done as well as it could have been, so there was never any trepidation on my part or anxiety that we weren’t going to pull this off or– you know, sometimes, things would get pushed back, or someone gets hurt, or you need to fill something in. I knew in the long term that’s where it was going to end up.

Kane later adds how his debut was a surprise to most fans:

KANE: I think one of the most important things is the fact that WWE did go away from the Kane story into all those different stories. So as you say, Mark [Undertaker], by the time that I debuted, no one saw that coming. The only people in the entire world who saw that coming were me, you, Vince, Bruce Prichard, and the other folks actually involved in the storyline. No one else saw it coming.

How their feud was a perfect storm of storytelling:

UNDERTAKER: It was such great storytelling. We were able to do that back then and it was so good. It was a perfect storm – it really was, and it caught people off guard.

You can hear their full conversation here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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