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While Real Madrid conceded four goals from Argentinian Valentin “Taty” Castellanos on Tuesday night in a La Liga loss to Girona (4-2), Top Mercato has decided to take advantage of this news to test your knowledge of quadruplets. These performances, spectacular and rare, often mark the minds of (television) viewers, especially since it is, regularly but obviously not exclusively, the best players who achieve them. For our part, we hope that, like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, you will score more than four times… in this quiz!

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Eder Militao Valentin Castellanos Girona Real Madrid

#1. Before Valentin Castellanos with Girona on Tuesday, who is the last player, passed by Bayern and Barça, to have struck four times in a match against Real Madrid?

The last time Real Madrid shattered into a thousand pieces against the battering of a fit striker was in the Champions League semi-final first leg in 2013. Pole Robert Lewandowski, Borussia Dortmund shirt on back, had crushed the Spanish club alone (8th, 50th, 55th, 67th), for a 4-1 victory. On the return, the German club had lost (2-0), but had qualified for the final (lost against Bayern Munich).

#2. Which PSG striker scored four goals against Anderlecht in the Champions League in 2013?

The Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only one, to date, to have scored two quadruplets for PSG, against Anderlecht (5-0) in 2013 in C1, and against Troyes in 2016, in L1, during a huge rouste ( 9-0).

#3. In 2021, against Kazakhstan, which player from the French team scored a quadruple?

On November 13, 2021, France won 8-0 against Kazakhstan, with a quadruple from Kylian Mbappé (6th, 12th, 32nd, 87th). Karim Benzema had scored a double during this meeting and Antoine Griezmann had distinguished himself once (84th).

#4. Who is the only Frenchman with Bafétimbi Gomis to have scored a quadruple in the Champions League?

Olivier Giroud is the only Frenchman to have scored four goals in a C1 match (in the current formula, so since 1992). It was with Chelsea against Sevilla in 2020.

#5. Which 1998 world champion is the only one to have scored 4 goals during a match in the French championship?

In October 1993, with the AS Monaco shirt on his back, Youri Djorkaeff scored four goals against Martigues in a 7-0 victory. He is the only 1998 world champion to have achieved this performance. The attacking midfielder has never scored so many goals in a match in the rest of his career.

#6. Which is the only French club to have conceded four goals by the same player in the Champions League, namely Simone Inzaghi, with Lazio, in 2000?

The current Inter coach scored four goals for OM, whose cages were then guarded by Stéphane Porato. It was in 2000, in the group stage of the C1. That day, Simone Inzaghi even missed a penalty. It is the best career performance of the Italian, who has never done better.

#7. Which player has scored the most four goals in a game in the 21st century?

On 11 occasions, Cristiano Ronaldo (38) has scored four or more goals in a game. A record in the 21st century. His first pursuer is Luis Suarez, with 9, followed by Lionel Messi (8), then Robert Lewandowski (5).

#8. Before Kylian Mbappé in 2021, who is the last player of the French team to have scored a quadruple in selection?

It’s old ! Before Kylian Mbappé in 2021, we have to go back to Just Fontaine at the 1958 World Cup to see a Frenchman score with the Blues at least four goals. Just Fontaine did it against West Germany in a 6-3 win.

#9. What brief French international (1 selection) scored a quadruple for Fabien Barthez in 2007, with the Valenciennes jersey?

Nicknamed “Savigoal”, Steve Savidan distinguished himself in 2007 by beating Les Bleus goalkeeper Fabien Barthez four times, then in Nantes. That season, the striker finished 2nd top scorer in L1, with 13 goals, behind Pedro Miguel Pauleta (15 goals, PSG).

#10. Which team is the only one against whom Lionel Messi has twice scored a quadruple?

In his career, Lionel Messi has scored four goals six times in a game, and twice five goals. His favorite victim is the Eibar club: with FC Barcelona, ​​the Argentinian hit the Spanish club four times in 2017 (final score 7-1) and in 2020 (for a 5-0).


Obviously, you follow with great attention the major individual performances achieved by attackers who have scored quadruplets, in France and abroad! Congratulation !

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Eder Militao Valentin Castellanos Girona Real Madrid

Scoring four goals (or more) isn’t that common in today’s competitions, and unfortunately, you’ve been missing out on those performances on a regular basis. Too bad, but pay more attention in the future, because a Top Mercato quiz on quintuplets has arrived so quickly!

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Eder Militao Valentin Castellanos Girona Real Madrid

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