Unai Emery wants to get rid of Dibu Martinez!


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He is the man who has been talked about the most since this final won against the Blues. More than even Messi. In the hours and days that followed this coronation of the Albiceleste, the doorman of Aston Villa multiplied the frescoes, with this famous minute of silence for Mbappé, this gesture a little out of place when he received his trophy for best goalkeeper or these photos where we saw him with a doll bearing the image of the tricolor striker.

Images that have gone around the world and which have earned a lot of criticism for the goalkeeper who, it must be recognized, achieved a superb World Cup. ” He’s an idiot “, even summed up Fabio Capello when he was asked about the doorman. After having celebrated this title of world champion as it should be, Martinez will find Aston Villa. But for how much longer?

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Aston Villa, Argentina: Unai Emery will reframe Emiliano Martinez

Emery is fed up

A few days ago, various media explained that his club coach, Unai Emery, intended to reframe him following his behavior lately. As indicate Sports Stadium and other media around the world, the future of Martinez, already on the fence with the Spaniard at Arsenal, is clearly up in the air. The former PSG coach would like to get rid of him quickly.

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Emery would be particularly annoyed by the attitude of the goalkeeper, and wants another goalkeeper who shone at the World Cup to replace him: Bono, the Moroccan doorman from Seville. But the former club of Maestro does not, for the moment, intend to separate from the one who works miracles on his line. Emery therefore risks having to support Martinez for quite a while yet…

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Unai Emery wants to get rid of Dibu Martinez! 24hfootnews.

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