Ultimate CS:GO Team Guide for 2023 – New Season Kicks Off Soon!


In January, fans of CS:GO can expect a new season of tournaments to kick off. With that brings a whole load of excitement and opportunities for new teams to knock the best off their pedestal and that’s why they’ll need the ultimate CS:GO team guide!

Things have begun to change in the world of CS:GO as of late. In years gone by, the same few teams have won Major after Major and Worlds. But all that has been changing in 2022! Not only have NaVi come away with a disappointing 5th – 6th place finish at Worlds but newer teams like OG have come up from nowhere.

BLAST Premier World Finals: G2 Esports

We couldn’t do any kind of ultimate CS:GO team guide without mentioning the winners of the BLAST Premier Worlds Finals! G2 Esports actually had a bit of a disappointing year. After placing 9th – 12th in both Cologne and Antwerp, they didn’t manage to qualify for the IEM Rio Major.

However, they still managed a place at Worlds through their position on the global leaderboard. It didn’t look like their group stage performance was anything special but once playoffs started, they were unbeatable. Both their semi finals and grand finals games ended in 2-0 victories!

Ultimate CS:GO Team Guide for 2023 – New Season Kicks Off Soon!

IEM Rio Major: Outsiders

Just like Worlds, the IEM Rio Major was also a bit of a turn up! Usually at this point in the year, the likes of NaVi and Vitality are storming ahead but that wasn’t the case in 2022. We don’t think anyone could have predicted that Outsiders would come the whole way through contenders to the grand finals.

Unfortunately, Outsiders didn’t keep their win streak going. Despite qualifying directly to Worlds from their Rio win, they finished in 5th – 8th place. It goes without saying that next year, they’ll be playing to make it out of the group stage!

IEM Cologne & PGL Antwerp Major: FaZe Clan

We couldn’t finish this ultimate CS:GO team guide without mentioning FaZe Clan. As one of the most famous esports orgs in the world, FaZe have seen years of success in CS:GO. In 2022, they won both the IEM Cologne and the PGL Antwerp Major. The year ended in a 3rd – 4th place finish at Worlds.

FaZe Clan have certainly earned their place as one of the most successful in the world right now, there’s a lot of pressure on rain, broky, karrigan, ropz and Twistzz going into next season. There will be as many CS:GO fans hoping to see them knocked off the top spot as fans who want to see them keep the crown!

Special mention! IEM Dallas: Cloud 9

In yet another shake up, our ultimate CS:GO team guide for 2023, we have to include Cloud 9. They made a huge splash at the IEM Dallas tournament back in June, earning themselves a very respectable prize fund of $100,000 USD.

This was pretty much the last fans got to see of Cloud 9 for the rest of the year, although they still might want to keep up with the 2023 tournament schedule. While they proved they can stand among the top teams in the world, they didn’t make an appearance at Worlds. However, that doesn’t mean things will be the same this year! It could well be that some roster changes could result in huge success for Cloud 9.


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