Ubisoft Reportedly Developing ‘Standalone’ Far Cry Multiplayer


Recently, a report was written suggesting that Ubisoft is in the process of creating a standalone Far Cry multiplayer title. It was explained that this was originally a part of Far Cry 7 – which is also in development – but Ubisoft broke it apart to turn it into a totally new, standalone game. Could we be about to see something like a Far Cry battle royale or extraction shooter experience?

Ubisoft has found itself in hot water on more than one occasion of late. From the striking of its employees to the cancellation of several projects, the company has been navigating through a rough patch, to say the least. It’s relatively good news that Far Cry 7 could be in development at Ubisoft, as it’s something of a flagship franchise for the company. However, should the game launch with the exact same formula as the previous five or six games, it could spell trouble.

Perhaps that’s why there’s a standalone multiplayer project reportedly in the works.

Far Cry Multiplayer Could Be Interesting

far cry multiplayer

Image Credit: Ubisoft

Far Cry has been a multiplayer title of sorts for many years. It’s a cooperative title at heart, but it hasn’t ever delved too far into the competitive multiplayer side of things. It has dabbled – not delved. If there’s a standalone Far Cry multiplayer project in the works, it means that Ubisoft has a vision for something a bit broader than simple cooperative play.

Now, given the fact that Far Cry is by nature a game that boasts large, open environments fraught with threats, we’d put our money on a battle royale title coming into play. It’s no big secret that Ubisoft was, before it cancelled a string of projects, looking heavily into the battle royale genre, which came as a surprise following the failure of Hyper Scape. However, if the world of Far Cry 7 was created and then split off to house a battle royale mode – that could be something fairly entertaining.

In a report published by Insider Gaming, it was suggested that the multiplayer project, codenamed ‘Maverick’, could be set in the Alaskan wilderness. It was further suggested that it would indeed take on elements of an extraction shooter, much like Escape From Tarkov. If that’s not the case, then we’ll stand firm in assuming that it’d perform very well as a battle royale title.

For now, these are nothing more than whispers and rumours, but they could become something much more tangible down the line. There’s one thing that’s for sure – another Far Cry game will come, but the multiplayer project, well, that’s still up in the air.

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