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U.S. Bank Stadium ranked ugliest stadium in the world


Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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According to people who have no taste

U.S. Bank Stadium is awesome. Just about every Minnesota Vikings fan that I’ve ever spoken to about the stadium raves about it and relays what an enjoyable experience they’ve had there. Yours truly has, unfortunately, not had the privilege of attending a game there yet, but that’s going to get remedied sometime next year.

However, apparently people that lack taste are not nearly as impressed with the new facility.

According to a survey conducted by Buildworld, a building supply outlet headquartered in the United Kingdom, U.S. Bank Stadium has been ranked as the ugliest sports stadium in the world. It also ranked as the seventh-ugliest building in the United States, regardless of category.

Allow me to summarize my response to these findings:


The people that designed U.S. Bank Stadium obviously wanted to do something outside the box, and they clearly did it. With the way things are structured, it gives the place an “outdoors inside” feel that few, if any, other venues can replicate. If a bunch of stuffy people want to tell us it’s ugly, that’s fine.

Besides, it’s in Minnesota and so are the Vikings, and an ugly stadium in Minnesota is a hell of a lot better than a pretty stadium in Los Angeles or San Antonio or Portland or wherever the Vikings were rumored to be relocating to in the time that the stadium debate was happening.

What do you folks think of the idea that U.S. Bank Stadium is the ugliest stadium in the world?

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