Two of NEW day Superstars who don’t support Donald Trump


Donald Trump has long-standing ties with the world of professional wrestling. His business dealings with Vincent Kennedy McMahon go all the way back to the early 1980s and have only grown in the years since.

He has made multiple appearances in WWE events and been part of quite a few storylines including with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bobby Lashley. While the now President of the United States of America can’t afford to make such appearances these days, the bond with him and McMahons runs deep with Linda McMahon being considered for a cabinet position.

Despite this obviously fruitful relationship The Donald has with the WWE’s owners, not all WWE Superstars feel the same way about the President. A number of them have been vocally critical of Trump for the innumerable instances, where he has said or done something highly questionable.

It is of little surprise that a company as diverse as the WWE has employees who will obviously be opposed to Trump’s world views and so it has proved. As the President of the world’st most powerful nation continues to waddle about his daily business, these Superstars have made their feelings for the man very very clear.

So, without any further ado, here are 5 WWE superstars who don’t support Donald Trump:

#1 Xavier Woods

Woods has found immense success with The New Day

Xavier Woods shot to fame as one-third of the uber popular WWE trio, The New Day. The longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all-time, The New Day have been the best thing about the Tag Team division in Vince McMahon’s company for almost two years now and Woods has been an integral member of the squad.

Woods also hosts a YouTube gaming channel titled Up Up Down Down under the name of Austin Creed and has found great popularity and success in having some of the top WWE Superstars come over onto the channel to play games and have a great time.

With Trump’s pro-white stances and anti-minorities agenda, it comes as little surprise that Woods wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of the elections. Don’t go expecting The Donald to make a guest appearance on Up Up Down Down anytime soon.

#2 Kofi Kingston

Kofi enjoyed a solid single’s career before his tag team success with The New Day

Third on our list is Xavier Woods’ stable-mate from The New Day, Kofi Kingston. Kofi has enjoyed a fruitful career in the WWE, having won multiple titles as a single’s competitor in the mid-card before finding his fame in tag team wrestling with Woods and Big E.

Despite the group’s belief in the power of positivity, Kingston clearly wasn’t feeling too positive on the day Mr Trump won the US presidential elections. Concerned with the politically charged statements The Donald had made on his way to the unlikely victory, Kofi let the world know just how positive he was feeling with this tweet:

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