Twitter Exchange Between WWE Superstars After Comments from ROH Star


We noted before how Scott Dawson cut a promo last week about how there was a “conspiracy” against The Revival following their loss to WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Chad Gable and Bobby Roode, which included a finish where Dawson’s leg was on the rope when Gable pinned him. ROH star Matt Taven joked to Dawson on Twitter this week about a possible “conspiracy” t-shirt design. Taven and The Kingdom have ran a “conspiracy” storyline in ROH for a while now.

Taven joked to Dawson, “Hey man if you need some shirt ideas, I got you…”

Dawson responded, “Thanks, brotha. Since you almost cost our whole 2012 tryout a job because you stole tanning lotion, I thought you’d be the LAST person to accuse someone of stealing something….”

Both tweets were deleted but that wasn’t the end of it as The Kingdom used The Revival’s Shatter Machine at the ROH Honor Reigns Supreme event this weekend. Dash Wilder then took to Twitter and wrote, “Hey @MattTaven, decent execution. Even better considering how many messages you sent Dawson BEGGING him to take down the tweet about you stealing tanning lotion while at a WWE tryout. Stealers gonna steal.”

That led to WWE’s Maria Kanellis, who was with The Kingdom during her ROH time, tweeting a shot at Wilder today. Maria wrote, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes and had to pay dearly for them. I don’t know what you are trying to prove but I know from experience that our business is a very small world. Be careful who you step on on the way up the ladder b/c they will be the same people you pass on the way down.”

Wilder responded to Maria and wrote, “I’m ok with that.”

It appears that is the last of the exchange between WWE and ROH stars. You can see all of their tweets, included the deleted comments, below:

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