Triple H Talks About Ronda Rousey Possibly Working With WWE In The Future



WWE Executive “Triple H” recently spoke with CBS Sports about the possibility of UFC mega-star Ronda Rousey working with WWE, when she attended the company’s Mae Young Classic women’s tournament tapings at the campus of Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida last month.

“I don’t know that I ever once looked out at the crowd and saw her without this ear-to-ear grin on her face,” said Triple H. “She was like a little kid after every break there would be when I would talk to her — like a little kid. What that means? Unsure. What that means down the line? I think she’s unsure.

“I think [Rousey] is in a transition period in her life and is in a great place,” Triple H added. “I think she’s getting married soon or something. Look, she has got a lot going on, but I’m all about creating opportunities. That’s what the Mae Young Classic is all about — creating opportunities for these women that they never had before. If Ronda Rousey wants that opportunity, I’d be happy to talk to her about it.”

Triple H continued, talking about what he perceives is a longtime fascination that Rousey has had with the sports entertainment industry.

“I think that Ronda has been fascinated with our business for a very long period of time,” said Levesque. “There are so many similarities but you don’t have some of the competitive drawbacks maybe that come with being that elite level of fighter.”

“The Game” also looked back at Rousey’s appearance in WWE back at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, where she famously appeared in a segment alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opposing himself and his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

“It’s funny. I remember when we did that stuff with Ronda at WrestleMania and she was talking about the roar of the crowd,” Triple H said. “It was the most amazing stuff she had felt and heard. She said, ‘I have never allowed myself to even hear it when I fight.’ She can’t. It’s not about the crowd. It’s not about entertainment and whether they are booing me or cheering me. It’s not about how loud it is. It’s about a focused one thing.”