Triple H Preparing For An NXT Invasion


Something interesting has been happening in the WWE over the last three weeks. Triple H has started to appear more on Monday Night Raw, and he doesn’t seem to be alone. Three weeks ago, former NXT champion Samoa Joe showed up and took out Seth Rollins, another former NXT champion who wants to fight Triple H.

Then, on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H took former NXT champion and current WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens aside and had a private discussion with him about something. Later in the night, Kevin Owens turned on his best friend Chris Jericho and sent Y2J to the hospital for his problems.

While the two events may not seem similar at first, it could all tie in with longstanding WWE rumors that Triple H may lead his brand of NXT into an all-out war with the WWE.

Last year, Triple H turned on Seth Rollins and helped Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal Championship. At the time, Stephanie McMahon looked completely shocked and surprised at the decision her husband made. While Mick Foley wasn’t sure if he believed her, McMahon sold the surprise well.

After that, Seth Rollins has been hellbent on getting his hands on Triple H, but The Game has remained out of the picture. Seth Rollins showed up at NXT Takeover: San Antonio and called out Triple H on the show that he runs, but Triple H had security remove him.

That is when Samoa Joe made his WWE main roster debut and destroyed Seth Rollins, causing a legitimate injury to Rollins in the process. The next week, Rollins former friend, and another NXT alumni, Roman Reigns, challenged Samoa Joe and lost thanks to outside interference by Braun Strowman — yet another NXT alumni.

WWE Rumors: Triple H Preparing For An NXT Invasion
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When Kevin Owens turned on Chris Jericho, it was a sight to see. For months, Kevin Owens has played the part of the chicken heel champion, needing help to win most of his title defenses. The talk from Triple H, while it is unclear what it was about, lit a fire under the WWE Universal Champion and he looked more dominant than he has in months.

While The Shield were NXT alumni that Triple H molded into main event stars, he has since made it clear that they all disappointed him. Now, a new influx of NXT talents are making noise, and an insurgence could be underway with Triple H conducting the moves.

Currently, former NXT champion Kevin Owens is the Universal Champion, and former NXT star Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion. The two biggest belts in the WWE are held by former NXT stars. While Wyatt is expected to carry his title into WrestleMania, Kevin Owens is expected to lose to Bill Goldberg and then face Chris Jericho at WrestleMania – maybe for the United States Championship.

WWE Rumors: Triple H Preparing For An NXT Invasion
[Image by WWE]

Despite this, the seeds of an NXT invasion are planted with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens as the muscle behind Triple H, attacking people that are either enemies of The Game or WWE stalwarts.

Now, Fastlane is looking like Samoa Joe will be fighting another NXT alumni in Sami Zayn, so any further attacks on established WWE superstars may have to wait. However, if there is a plan for NXT to come in and really coordinate an attack on the WWE establishment, there is another rumored WrestleMania match that could blow the lid off the entire WWE.


Roman Reigns is still rumored to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania. While he was a member of The Shield that feuded with Triple H for the last three years, what kind of impact could Roman Reigns turning heel at WrestleMania and ending the career of The Undertaker mean for an NXT takeover of the WWE?

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