Triple H on Vince McMahon – WWE NXT Rumors & Speculation, Negative Criticism from Fans, More


As seen above, Triple H recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT to discuss a number of topics, mainly the WWE NXT brand.

Triple H once again addressed speculation on the NXT involvement that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has. There were a lot of rumors and speculation on Vince taking on more of a role with the brand back when it was announced that the show would be heading to the USA Network several months ago. Triple H said this was nothing but rumors and speculation.

As he has in the past, Triple H praised Vince for being the businessman that he is.

“It’s funny – the small-mindedness of people that don’t give Vince the credit for being the businessman that he is,” Triple H said. “When people talk about Vince as a businessman, there are so many crazy misconceptions.”

Triple H also reiterated previous comments he’s made on how Vince is responsible for the worldwide success of WWE, and the industry as a whole.

“The truth is, all we’re doing right now, this business is here, because of Vince,” Triple H said, adding that Vince took a failing industry and turned it into a global phenomenon when no one else had the vision that he did.

Triple H mentioned some of the negative criticism that you hear these days, and where some fans act like WWE is failing in some kind of major way. He added, “I’m like, ‘Really?’ Because we’ve signed billion dollar deals with FOX and USA Network, I’m not sure it’s crumbling.”

Triple H continued and said the simple answer is that Vince is not involved with NXT. He admitted that Vince will have some say-so as far as certain things go with NXT, such as where the brand sits and its marketing within the USA Network. Vince told Triple H during the early days of NXT to go make the brand a success.

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