Triple H On Jinder Mahal Getting Criticized And If He Earned His Respect


Source: The National

Triple H spoke to IANS last week while he was in India. Below are a couple of highlights:

Jinder Mahal earning his respect:

“Jinder Mahal has done an amazing job in recreating himself. Jinder was in WWE for the first time and wasn’t as successful as he would have wanted. But we went back and re-energised himself, dug deeper (within) himself and worked extremely hard in his second chance and is now making the most of it. People can criticise him, but he has earned my respect.”

WWE stars being more than just athletes:

“They are more than just athletes. They are the best and most well-conditioned athletes, but beyond that they are the best entertainers in the world. Their ability to be able to control the crowd to garner those emotions and also tell the story they want to tell through athletic manoeuvres. And this is what makes them different.”

Triple H also discussed the company not presenting “the right pathways” for athletes in India in the past, how many Indians are now under contract and more.

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