Triple H Explains Why WWE Will Not Turn Roman Reigns Heel


Recently Triple H was guest on ESPN and discussed a number of non-wrestling and pro-wrestling topics. Triple H explained why WWE will not turn Roman Reigns heel, although it is what many WWE fans have been requesting for some years now.

On Why WWE Will Not Turn Roman Reigns Heel:

Triple H said: For the people that hate him, he’s already turned and for the people that love him, they don’t want him to turn and if we turned him, the people who hate him would switch to loving him and the people who love him would switch to hating him. Fans will say that all the time: ‘I hate Roman Reigns’. They did it with Cena too. I remember telling Cena years ago when it started happening to him, ‘Dude, what do you care? You’re the Yankees and the Red Sox at the same time’, the place is sold out.”

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