Triple H Addresses AEW, Velveteen Dream’s Tweets & Lars Sullivan’s Behavior


During a media call today, Triple H spoke on a number of issues that one might have thought would be untouchable topics. When asked about his thoughts on the launch of All Elite Wrestling, he gave it. He also addressed the social media Tweets from The Velveteen Dream as well as Lars Sullivan’s recent issues. Here are the highlights:

On His Thoughts About AEW Launching:

AEW is something that we will keep an eye on. They will do their business and we will continue to do ours in a manner that will cater to our audience.

On Velveteen Dream’s Social Media Use:

I haven’t spoken to him about [his tweets]. He’s a remarkable young man that is wonderfully gifted on all levels. Wonderfully gifted about getting buzz around himself as well. “Call me up, Vince.” It’s all good. He creates buzz. Being able to be that smart and that good, it’s a wonderful thing.

On Lars Sullivan:

There’s a lot of speculation and stories about everybody at all times and it’s a funny thing. If there’s any glitch in a movement for a moment then there’s a lot of talk. Lars is in a good place. Nothing has really changed. We’re moving forward and you’ll know when you see it. Nothing has changed.

On His Injury Recovery:

I just got cleared to actually start training. Anyone that has been seriously injured knows the difference between rehabbing for a couple hours a day and then actually training is the difference between trying to get better and to better yourself. I sit here right now extremely sore from that training. One week ago, I got the clearance, so training has been stepped up. I feel good.

You can listen to the full conference call below.

Credit: WWE. H/T Wrestlezone

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