Transfers – PSG: A crazy dream for Lionel Messi’s transfer window is unveiled


On the sidelines of the next summer transfer window, it seems that Lionel Messi is not close to leaving PSG. Indeed, a contract extension would be on the right track. However, Mauricio Pochettino has recently shared his desire to see Messi join Newell’s Old Boys eventually.

Lionel Messi is under contract until next June with the PSG. Admittedly, an option is included in the lease in question for the sevenfold to remain at the Paris HolyGerman for an additional season. However, for it to be activated, the Argentinian world champion would have to give his approval. revealed to you on October 20 that Luis Fields and the leaders of PSG were already working on making a contract extension offer to Messi waiting for the end of the World Cup, when the main interested party planned to look into his future.

PSG would have reached an agreement in principle for the extension of Messi

The Parisian announced mid-week that the clan Lionel Messi and the management committee of Paris HolyGerman had reached an agreement in principle at the beginning of December for issue 30 of the PSG stays for at least one more season. However, whether The Athletic, CBS or Sky Sportsall have denied an agreement in principle or verbally agreed between the various parties for the moment, the discussions having not yet taken place after the World Cup or during.

“As a Newell’s fan, it would be crazy for him to return to Argentina”

Besides theInter-Miami which seems to be a possible destination for Lionel Messi, Mauricio Pochettino has another idea in mind for the world champion: the Newell’s Old Boys. This is indeed the speech that the former coach of Messi at PSG moved to AS these last weeks. “Things are unpredictable. I never imagined seeing him in any shirt other than Barcelona. It’s hard to guess what could happen. The important thing is that what he decides makes him happy. As a Newell’s fan it would be crazy for him to go back to Argentina, I was there when Maradona came back and it was great. I don’t even want to think about it.”

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