Transfer to 150M€ for Mbappé, this operation will save the PSG


PSG and Bayern would be in the fight to complete the transfer of Victor Osimhen. While the Bavarian club is thinking of including Sadio Mané in the transaction, the capital club can already breathe a sigh of relief on this file. Indeed, Naples would not have the means to pay the Senegalese’s salary, while Chelsea would be ready to pounce on him.

Aware that Kylian Mbappe flourishes more when playing in support behind a goalscorer, the PSG would be looking for a new center forward to regale him. Indeed, the capital club has identified several attacking profiles, including Rafael Leao – as revealed to you exclusively – and Victor Osimhen for the next transfer window.

Bayern want to use Mané to sign Osimhen

With regard to Victor Osimhen, the PSG would struggle with the Bayern. But to believe Sky Germanythe Bavarian team would refuse to pay the €150m claimed by the Naples. Thus, for the Azzurri agree to lower the price of their number 9, the club led by Thomas Tuchel would discuss the possibility of negotiating an exchange with Sadio Mane. But fortunately for the PSG, the direction of Naples wouldn’t have the shoulders strong enough to take on the salary of Victor Osimhen.

Chelsea in the grip of Sadio Mané

This Wednesday, Football Insider brought another good news to the PSG re Victor Osimhen. Indeed, as reported by the British media, chelsea would be thrilled with the idea of ​​completing the transfer of Sadio Mane during the next summer transfer window. While the Bayern would like to recover most of the 40M€ invested in total for the Senegalese star, the PSG could finally have the field clear to recruit the striker from Naples this summer. Indeed, the Bavarian club could forget the idea of ​​​​negotiating an exchange between Victor Osimhen And Sadio Mane whether chelsea agreed to bet a large sum on his number 17.

Transfer to 150M€ for Mbappé, this operation will save the PSG 24hfootnews.

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