Torrie Wilson Says The Time Is Right For The XFL To Return


TMZ recently caught up with former WWE diva Torrie Wilson to discuss the recent rumors of the XFL possibly returning, seen in the video above.

Regarding the return, Torrie feels that if there was ever a time to do it, now would be it. She added that was just a having a conversation with a friend about how the NFL is declining in viewers and interest, due to the controversy surrounding the national anthem. As a result, Torrie feels that “a smart man like Vince McMahon would swoop in” and maybe get some of the fans.

If Vince called Torrie to be on board, she stated, “I’ll be the head cheerleader. Yeah, or ref. I could be a ref. I can go to ref school.”

Torrie started her pro wrestling career in 1999 for WCW.

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