“Too old” for PSG, he gets turned on


He arrived at the same time as a certain Lionel Messi, in 2021. During this transfer window of all promises, Sergio Ramos had however had great difficulty in stringing together the matches, he who was too often injured. After having started the season well, he seems to be losing momentum, to the point of seeing his contract extension discussed. And for a former captain of PSG, the question does not have to be.

At 37, Sergio Ramos is no longer the same player he was in Real Madrid. Seeing his contract expire next June, his recent performances and in particular that against the “All-stars” team of Al-Hilal and Al Nassr (5-4) during the second goal of Cristiano Ronaldo question.

‘He doesn’t make it easy for Marquinhos’

Performances impacting his defending partner, the Brazilian Marquinhos. For Eric Rabesandratana, former player of PSG between 1997 and 2001, if Marquinhos is less good, it is because of Sergio Ramos : “ I still have the impression that subconsciously, it does not facilitate the task of Marquinhos. If his performance is less good at the moment, it is because he has not found his balance with Sergio Ramos “, he explained in the columns of the Parisian.

“He is older”

The former captain of PSG, Eric Rabesandratana even adds, in an interview granted to the Parisian that his performances can be an obstacle for a potential extension: “ For now, nothing needs to be done. We must let him pass the stages of the Champions League. But I have the impression that it’s going to be complicated… At the physical level, he is older and more easily taken behind his back… He is interesting with the ball but defensively, he is less serene: in aerial duels, in markings. That’s what worries me. »

“Too old” for PSG, he gets turned on 24hfootnews.

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