Tony D’Angelo to be released from jail thanks to his underboss winning a wrestling match


NXT gets pretty wacky with its stories sometimes, and a great example of this is the plight of Tony D’Angelo, the Don of The Family who has been doing hard time for weeks now. Stacks, his underboss, and maybe the rat Tony D has been searching for, ultimately cut a deal with Gallus — if he could win a singles match against Joe Coffey on this week’s episode of NXT TV, D’Angelo would be released from jail and The Family would receive a shot at the tag team titles.

A loss, however, would mean D’Angelo remains in jail for the duration of his trial.

Like I said, wacky.

Anyway, come time for the match, and Coffey looked to quickly put Stacks away. He hit All the Best for the Bells and expected the three count. But Stacks kicked out. Coffey screamed at him “we had a handshake, we had a deal” and Stacks screamed back “I ain’t no snitch.”

During the match, D’Angelo interrupted via phone from jail saying Gallus fell right into their trap and started cheering the underboss on. Then Bronco Nima & Lucien Price briefly showed up to make their presence felt.

What the hell was going on?

Ultimately, Stacks used a crowbar and a ref distraction to do his best Eddie Guerrero impersonation and get the rest of Gallus thrown out. Shortly after, he scored the upset win over Coffey and ensured Tony D will be released from jail.

What a story, huh?

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