Toni Nadal makes potentially huge revelation regarding Rafael Nadal’s future


Toni Nadal reveals Rafael Nadal will probably continue his career if he returns healthy and then manages to stay healthy. In May, Nadal withdrew from the French Open and revealed his plans to retire in 2024. Recently, Juan Monaco said he thinks Nadal will continue his career if he returns healthy and plays well. Toni Nadal was asked about Monaco’s comments.

“Yeah, I think it’s a bit like that. Then we’re going to see. Rafael is already 37 years old, the years weigh heavily. What I know, because I talked to him, is that Rafael wants to come back, he wants to recover well. And if he recovers well I think he will want to continue. Then we’ll see, because he has to get the results, which won’t be easy, because when you lose the ranking it’s more difficult, because you have to compete with the best faster. Then you have to be more days well and you have to play hard matches more times. Let’s see,” Toni Nadal told CLAY.

Toni Nadal on Nadal’s condition

In early June, Nadal surgically addressed his psoas muscle injury. 40 days have passed since Nadal’s surgery and the Spaniard is currently able to do some light gym work but he hasn’t yet returned to the practice court. In August, Nadal is expected to start practicing again.

“Yes, physically, but still can not train tennis, the doctor advised him not to do so, to wait for a full recovery. In a month’s time he will be able to start training on the tennis court,” Toni Nadal revealed. 

In the last couple of years, Nadal has had lots of injury problems. Just last year, Nadal battled three separate injuries. But Nadal is now taking a really long break from tennis and the hope is that he can return fully healthy in 2024.

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